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GIWORKS 2021's new product.

Merging tent and bed, the frame is made with high-purity aluminum alloy, the latest aluminum alloy hollow design, this design greatly reduces the temperature of the sun in the roof tent, allowing control on temperature.


Compared to fiber roof tent, the aluminum alloy tent improves sturdiness, durability, aesthetic and much thinner. A traditional fiber tent is about 30cm high, and this is only 16cm high!


The aluminum alloy frame has rails on all 4 sides, the top and the bottom, and can take on different equipments, such as LED lights, stainless steel rings, and top frame to place objects, the possibility is endless! Also, solar energy generating panels are also possible!


The tent is made with waterproof and breathable materials, and there is no fear of using it in the wind or rain or in the cold!  The tent and aluminum frame can be separated by a zipper. If the tent is damaged, the tent can be replaced separately, adding flexibility!

This new product comes in 3 sizes:
- 1.28 meters width X 2.08 meters length, weight 60KG (Size especially for K-Car)

- 1.28 meters width X 2.08 meters length, weight 64KG
- 1.53 meters width X 2.25 meters length, weight 68KG

Available in different sizes and customizable sizes!




Price outside Japan:



1.28 X 2.08 meters Price USD3,960

1.53 X 2.25 meters Price USD4,360

Rooftop rack

126 X 130cm USD520

126 X 65cm USD460

152 X 130cm USD560

152 X 83cm USD500

270 degree side awning


This tarp can be deployed and fixed up to 270 degrees.

The GIWORKS awning uses high-purity 6063 aluminum for the frame and is both lightweight and strong.

Even women can set up smoothly and enjoy camping with peace of mind even in a gust of wind with poles and peg downs.


2.3 meters

USD1,496 Consumption tax included


2 meters

USD1,408 Consumption tax included


1.8 meters

USD1,298 Consumption tax included

Toilet/Shower Tent

USD680 Consumption tax included